Oscar Vicente - Eurobiotech Congress 2017

Confirmed Speakers

Born in 1989 in Marsciano, Italy, Maria Rachele Ceccarini is presently working as a Researcher at University of Perugia, Italy, in the field of Parkinson’s disease in collaboration with Michael J Fox Foundation. She is currently involved in different projects related to lysosomal dysfunction and lysosomal storage diseases and their correlation with neurodegenerative disorders, in particular with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD), caused by undegraded misfolded protein accumulation. During her PhD thesis she was involved in a project about Nutrigenomics, a new branch of nutritional genomics that studies the molecular-level interaction between foods and gene expression. In particular she studied functional foods with antioxidant properties and their potential ability to maintain wellness and prevention of chronic diseases. She demonstrated that the molecular mechanisms beyond different biological processes are strongly influenced by foods. After obtaining a1st level degree in Biotechnology in 2011 with 110/110 cum laude, in 2013 she achieved a 2nd level degree in Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Medical biotechnology with 110/110 cum laude. Her bachelor thesis focused attention on the correlation between inflammation and cancer; in particular she performed different in vitro and in vivo assays to elucidate the role of HOPS (Hepatocyte Odd Protein Shuttling) in the activation of the NF-κB signaling pathway. During her second year of study she won a scholarship, which allowed her to spend five months at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA).