Munis Dundar - Eurobiotech Congress 2017

Confirmed Speakers

Juan Lasheras

An aeronautical engineer by training, Professor Lasheras conducts laboratory and mathematical modeling of solid and fluid mechanics relevant to a wide range of applications spanning from naval hydrodynamics to propulsion and vascular hemodynamics. He has done extensive work on turbulence, two-phase flows, and reacting flows. His current work on biomedical applications includes funded research projects in drug delivery systems, vascular hemodynamics, the mechanics of cell migration, mechano-transduction and remodeling of endothelial cells, the biochemical pathways regulating the mechanics of cancer cell invasions, and the spatial-temporal distribution of traction forces exerted by amoeboid cells during migration. In addition to his basic sciences work, Lasheras has led the design of novel medical devices and medical instruments. He is author or co-author of 46 US patents that have been used in the designs of innovative medical instruments currently being used as standards of care in neurosurgery in many medical centers throughout the US and abroad.