Confirmed Speakers

Daniel Ramon

Daniel Ramón Vidal gained his PhD degree working at the Department of Molecular Genetics in the Spanish pharmaceutical company Antibióticos S.A. (1986-88). He was Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology of the Universitat de València (1988-89), Research Scientist at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA) of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) (1995-96), and also Invited Research at the Department of Genetics of the Wageningen Agricultural University (1991, 1994). He was Director of IATA. (1995-1996), CSIC National Coordinator of Food Science and Technology. (1996-2001) and CSIC Regional Coordinator of the Valencian Community (2001 2002). At the present time he is Professor of Food Technology at the University of Valencia and Scientific Director of Biópolis S.L. His research interests are: i) microbial biotechnology, ii) biotechnological production of food ingredients (enzymes, functional ingredients), and iii) ethical and social repercussions of the commercialization of genetically modified foods. He is author of more than one hundred articles in peer reviewed journals and fifteen chapters in international books. He is co-author of five patents. He has been awarded with the 2nd European Prize of Divulgation on Science, the 7th Prize of the Spanish Society for Microbiology and the 10th Prize of the Spanish Danone Institute. He was the President of the Spanish Society for Food Safety (2003-04). He is currently a member of the Spanish National Biosafety Commision, the Spanish Government Committee on Bioethics and the Spanish Scientific Committee of the Club of Rome.