Oscar Vicente - Eurobiotech Congress 2017

Confirmed Speakers

Isabelle Fournier
University of Lille

Prof. Isabelle Fournier is currently associate director of PRISM lab INSERM U1192. Prof. Fournier is a specialist of Mass Spectrometry applied to biology and clinics. She started her research working in the field of fundamental mass spectrometry looking to fundamental mechanisms of Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI). This has led her to get interested in the field of methodological developments of MALDI MS for biological applications in the field of proteomics. With her group in 2002, she was first in France to develop a novel technology of molecular imaging namely MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging and in 2007 to demonstrate that MALDI MS Imaging could be perform from archived Formalin fixed and Paraffin Embedded hospital tissue samples. These work was valorized by several patents and leaded Prof. Fournier to be cofounder of the Start-Up Imabiotech SAS. In 2009, Prof. Fournier was awarded Junior Member of the “Institut Universitaire de France”. Since 5 years, Prof. Fournier is also interested by the development of large scale proteomics strategies allowing for Spatially-Resolved Proteomics information to be collected over limited area of tissue sections. She has now also interest in the development of new instrumentation for in-vivo real-time analysis by MS for guided surgery and diagnostic. Prof. Fournier is member of the steering committee of the excellence comprehensive cancer center of Lille. Prof. Fournier was also representing France in COST Action BM1104 related to MS Imaging and she is international expert for many granting organizations including NWO, DFG, FNRS, Cancer UK, FRNTQ. She is scientific responsible of the Clic-Imaging Core Facility of PRISM INSERM U1192 which provides services for MALDI MS Imaging, Proteomic and Proteogenomics. She has supervised 15 PhD students. She is author of 85 publications in peer-international journals, 10 patents, 12 book chapters and 103 oral communications in national and international conferences including 70 on invitation. Her H-factor is 31 for 3475 citations.